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Operating the 14-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope at the Sue Rose Observatory in Southold, NY on a cold December night.

Photo courtsey of Dennis Wilde




Lunar Eclipse - Sketches of the World Series Eclipse, October 27, 2004



Schickard Crater - This photo shows the location of the walled plain Schickard.

Moon and Mercury - A 5% crescent Moon and Mercury, at dusk.

Moon-Jupiter Conjunction - This photo shows the August 6, 2009 conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter.

Clavius Crater - 140 mile diameter crater near the Moon's South Pole.


Antiques, Curiosities, and Places of Interest

James Short Gregorian Reflector - A classic antique telescope.

Moon Walk - An incredible simulation of a Moon walk.

Struck by a meteor! - And lived to tell the tale!


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